Premium quality service is embedded in UBM's culture. For 25 years, UBM has been providing premium quality Janitorial services to a variety of industries. UBM's distinctive core competency is our hands on experience. Our management team has extensive hands on experience on the field, and it is shown through our proven track record.  

Primary Janitorial Services

Janitorial Cleaning Service

We understand every property has different needs. Our project managers will effectively communicate with the property manager to gather information in regards to the property's needs. Once the information is gathered UBM will create and implement the perfect plan for your property. Our highly skilled crew is equipped with state of the art equipment and certified products. With our expertise and modern technology, we guarantee satisfaction.  

Carpet Cleaning

On average, 70% of a commercial building's floor is carpet. With that said, we understand it is important to maintain and treat carpet so it can uphold it's appearance, and ensure longevity. We use environmental friendly equipment, and we also test the effectiveness of our equipment. Our highly trained crew will significantly reduce the allergens in your property, promoting a healthy work environment.

We Offer: 

  • HEPA Vacuuming (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Spot Treatment
  • Bonnet cleaning/Carpet shampoo
  • Wet/Dry Vac

Hard Floor Maintenance

Hard floors are infamous for quickly building up dirt and grime, as well as, showing it. Coincidentally, hard floors are in high traffic areas. With constant monitoring and quick response we proactively maintain a clean and safe workplace. Improper care of hard floors can cause more damage than good. Different types of surfaces require different treatment, and our crew is aware. We have highly trained floor technicians that can properly service any floor surface. 

Day Porter Service

The day porter is responsible for maintaining a presentable building, as well as, taking care of any maintenance issues that can arise during the hours of operation. Maintenance issues pop up through out the day, and property managers might not have time or will have trouble resolving each task, in a timely manner. Having a day porter on site ensures an efficient resolution of maintenance task, and it also reduces liability. Our trained day porters are experts in providing premium service, and to proactively plan. 

Green Cleaning

Our organization believes it is our duty to minimize our environmental impact on and off the field. Ever since we developed our Green Clean Solution we are able to offer certified products and mindful practices that are in compliance with the USGBC. Weather your building is LEED certified or not, by implementing our Green Clean Solution we guarantee we will reduce your property's impact on the environment without jeopardizing quality. 

Secondary Service

Streak-Free Interior glass cleaning

Transparent, streak-free windows are aesthetically pleasing. On average, 80% of a commercial building's exterior wall is glass. The vast surface area is exposed to smudges, streaks and other impurities. Our crew will carefully service windows with proper technique.   

Post Construction Clean up

While construction crews are great for doing their job, they are notorious for leaving or minimally cleaning up the mess created by construction. Our crew will thoroughly clean and restore the building, leaving it presentable. 

Parking Lot Mainteance

Oil stains, debris, and gum build up are uncontrollable, however, it is manageable. UBM is equipped with the necessary tools that allows us to maintain a clean parking lot. A well maintained parking lot is not only attractive, it will reduce the risk of any damage to your tenant's or visitor's vehicle.
We offer: 

  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Pressure washing/stripping
  • Pressure washing docks, walkways, garages..etc 
  • Painting

Emergency Clean Up

Whether it be a flooded floor, or a big spill in the lobby, our crew is available for same day emergency cleaning. We pride ourselves in rapid response and most importantly handling the situation correctly the first time.