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UBM was founded by custodians 25 years ago. Ever since the company's inception, we have been providing premium commercial janitorial services. Our management team has over 210 years of combined experience in the Janitorial and Facility Services industry. Our extensive industry experience allowed us to develop our proven operational processes that enabled us to be a leader in the industry. We pride ourselves on fulfilling our client's needs and proactively working to redefine the gold standard in the industry. 

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Company News

New accounts: 

  1. Geico Corp
  2. Fossil
  3. Tanglewood
  4. Ashford

Company Achievement

  • UBM, is proud to announce that we started our FIRST account in the state of Iowa! 
  • 25th year in operation  


Upcoming Event

Sponsoring Spire Realty's annual summer charity event, Children and the Arts Foundation

The Spire Realty Group, established this foundation a decade ago to promote the arts and foster the advancement of the arts by young artist, students, and children. The foundation's main goal is to encourage the pursuit and development of creative arts while instilling great values in today's youth. 

UBM is proud to sponsor such a great foundation established by one of our cherished partners, Spire Realty. 

Company Goals

  1. Open a UBM branch outside of Texas
  2. Sponsor a Texas Sporting event
  3. Increase our team retention by 25%

Building realationships

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